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YouTube Ripper: Download Any YouTube Video in Clicks

Want to rip YouTube to your computer to play offline, or even enjoy your favorite YouTube video on the go without an internet connection? You're in the right place. There are many different YouTube rippers out there, but, for those Mac users, iSkysoft iTube Studio is the best choice. You are capable of downloading videos from all over the web, even those in high definition. You are capable of enjoying these videos how they were meant to be seen no matter where you are. iSkysoft iTube Studio also gives you videos that are from over 100 other video sharing sites in the world.

What are you waiting for? Download this YouTube ripper to get any YouTube to your computer and convert to be compatible with your portable devices. All popular devices are supported. No settings at all. It's the easiest YouTube ripper ever. These key features are provided.



Benefits of iSkysoft YouTube Ripper

How to Rip YouTube Video with iSkysoft YouTube Ripper

Now see the step-by-step guide to download YouTube video to your computer with iSkysoft iTube Studio, and convert YouTube to any format you like.


Run YouTube video ripper

After installed this YouTube ripper, YouTube download extensions will be added to your selected browsers (Chrome and Firefox are optional). This way, you can directly rip any YouTube video in your browser.

youtube ripping software


One-click to rip YouTube video

When you're playing YouTube in your favorite browser, you'll see a download button at the upper left corner. Click it to add YouTube to the download queue of iTube Studio. You can rip up to 8 YouTube videos at the same time depending on the settings in Preferences.

More methods are available to rip YouTube video, e.g. copy and paste the YouTube video URL by clicking Paste URL button in the top left corner, or directly drag and drop the URL to the interface. As you can see, the in-browser download feature of this YouTube ripper is more convenient.

youtube ripper button


Convert YouTube video (Optional)

To convert the ripped YouTube video, first switch to the Downloaded tab, and then click the Convert button on the right of each item. In the window that appears, click the icon on top to switch between categories and choose an item in the list below. Finally click OK to start YouTube video conversion process.

youtube ripper conversion

YouTube Ripping Tips:

1. If Apple Device like iPad is selected as the output format, you can check the option "Export to iTunes" to automatically import the converted YouTube video to your iTunes library so you can immediately sync to iPad for play.

2. If the "Download then Convert" option is switched to ON, you can download and convert YouTube to the specified format simultaneously. This is the easiest to use YouTube ripper to rip YouTube video to any format you desired.