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10 MORE ways to troll your friend on Minecraft!

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Published: 2012-06-01
Publisher: Dyerzy


Category: Games


License: Standard YouTube License

Customized video description:
IT IS FINALLY HERE! I show you 10 MORE ways to troll your friend(s) or other people on Minecraft! This is about 5 machinimas in one so I hope you enjoy!:P

10 ways to troll your friend on Minecraft!

5 ways NOT to troll your friends on Minecraft!

Music is by: Kevin MacLeod (http://www.incompetech.com) & CraftedMovie.

Some ideas tooken from the How to: Troll a survival server; on the MinecraftForums!(http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/696448-how-to-troll-a-survival-server/)

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Recorded, edited and directed by: Dyerzy
Starring: CJDCorners, jenniferyates, Hugo_Baws, Eoki, tylerj12, NoxxHD, NoxxHD(breeezeh), leetkirbymaster, Aleks_P, Sparky1779(Dyerzy)
Help from: vFitzy, CJDCorners
Music: Gaslamp Funwork, Ghostpocalypse-7 Master, The Snow Queen, String Disco, Aftermath ---- By Kevin Macleod
Fanfare dan l'usine, Day ---- CraftedMovie (Francis Mailloux)
Some Ideas: How to: troll a survival server(thread from MinecraftForums), Makenbacon07, dwojsta, Weenaru, Daryllolko100, club559, here57

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