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Emil Lassaria & F.Charm - 9MM

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Published: 2011-03-23
Publisher: redclovermedia


Category: Music


License: Standard YouTube License

Customized video description:
Buy it from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ro/album/9mm/id475096565?uo=4
Booking F.Charm: Florin Nedelcu +40 721 929 622 / office@liveartist.ro / impresari@yahoo.com

Booking Emil Lassaria: Dan Ene +40 722 151 674 dan@mainevents.ro


Music by F.Charm
Orchestration: Emil Lassaria
Lyrics by F.Charm

0732 399 227
0722 151 674 (Dan Ene)


Yes sir, we got a fresh joint right here called 9MM, you know
The same Emil Lassaria and yo boy F.Charm welcomes you into our world
Now watch me... come on!!!

You're so divine when you wind, you're a war setter
You almost killed me with your 9MM
The perfect strike you're my type Ms. Inspector
So dangerous like a 9MM

You got the style that's enough nuff
And you blow my mind cos' you're tough tuff
Many thing you have you're on top top
Run the place like a boss cos' you're rough ruff
9MM is your body... Banger!
So, so wet like the rain in november
9MM is your body... Banger!
Now let me ride it

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Contact: office@redclover.ro